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$40 microscope offers superb value and lasting fun


  Fri 20 Apr 2018


  microscope, usb, handwriting, metal, gift, 500x, scientist, fun, good value, lasting, solid, well made




An unexpected surprisingly good value in $40 microscope for fun -- definitely a great gift for 10 year-old budding scientists that is NOT yet another el-cheap, plasticky, throw-away China-made junkster.


Metal construction, good quality, worked immediately - buying more
Title says it all. For $40 this is probably one of the best values in 'cheapo' microscopes. What a superb gift for a 10y.o. budding scientist, that definitely is not yet another cheap-plastic throw-away P.O.S. Focusing can be a little tricky (three different threaded mechanisms allow adjustment) but it is entirely usable. What a fun, fun thing that actually works. Attached pics are of the numeral "8" written with blue ink on a pink post-it note in approximately equivalent 14-point size handwriting.

The other pic is of a microSD card slot's gold fingers. Turns out this "toy" is quite useful for examining solder joints, electronics construction, quality assurance / production verification.

It plugs into USB. Windows7 64bit recognized and installed it immediately. It comes with software, apparently, on small-size CD, but I just used VLC app, which sees the mscope as a standard 'windows video' device named "Andonstar". Everything just worked; it was so nice not having to fiddle. Kit comes with various "tips" that allow proper spacing from surface (maybe I should try those...) to presumably improve speed of finding focus. Focus depth-of-field is extremely shallow and requires watching the monitor (despite the slight update delay) with a steady hand very, very slowly turning the height threaded and knurled shaft, but once it's dialed in the image is excellent. Lighting is from built-in white LEDs, and a dimmer dial is available in-line on the USB cable, which also has a high-quality velcro-type write-tie. USB cable is only ~3 feet long.

Overall very pleased. This is a superb value at $40. The metal stand alone is worth the price.

I bought this from an ebayer named "winter-z" whose store link is this:

File name: Number8 max
Link: https://1roomplayhouse.com/pi  c/5ada951994c683493c8b4568     Manga
Uploaded By: Michael

File name: Number8
Link: https://1roompl  ayhouse.com/pic/5ada951994c683493c8b456a     Manga
Uploaded By: Michael

File name: Number8 min
Link: https://1roomplayhouse.com/pi  c/5ada951994c683493c8b456c     Manga
Uploaded By: Michael

File name: mscope
Link: https://1roompla  yhouse.com/pic/5ada95c894c683553c8b4569     Manga
Uploaded By: Michael

File name: s-l1600
Link: https://1roompl  ayhouse.com/pic/5ada95c894c683553c8b456b     Manga
Uploaded By: Michael

File name: microSD card gold fingers
Link: https://1roomplayhouse.co  m/pic/5ada97d894c6836e3c8b4568     Manga
Uploaded By: Michael

File name: PCB
Link: https://1roomplayho  use.com/pic/5adaa8bf94c6831d3d8b4568     Manga
Uploaded By: Michael

File name: microscope
Link: https://1roo  mplayhouse.com/pic/5f8681f49ec35d78c25439  26     Manga
Uploaded By: Michael

File name: microscope2
Link: https://1ro  omplayhouse.com/pic/5f86821f529199793c779  e93     Manga
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File name: microscope3
Link: https://1ro  omplayhouse.com/pic/5f86821f529199793c779  e95     Manga
Uploaded By: Michael