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The coming Very Severe Backlash against Plastics


  Tue 24 Sep 2019


  plastic, endocrine disruptor, sex, gender, toxic, family, reproduction




The U.K. appears to have a new passion: Ending the use of plastic. Two little girls, Ella age nine and Caitlin age seven, began a petition asking McDonald's and Burger King to stop providing plastic toys with their kid's meals. They, in a pretty short time, secured half-a-million signatures and an agreement from Burger King to stop giving away plastic toys.

What's behind the movement? Children are frightened about global warming and polluted oceans because they are going to have to live in the future world about which they hear and read.

Plastic is a toxic endocrine disruptor that interferes with life, gender, reproduction. Plastic particles ("microplastics") contaminate much drinking water. "Floating islands" of plastic debris are present in at least one ocean and probably more.


File name: Plastic Waste in Oceans
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File name: NOAA Plastic Islands
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File name: Plastics Depopulate
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