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HOMO LUDENS - A Study of the Play-Element in Culture, by Johan Huizinga


  Sun 22 Dec 2019


  play, ludens, homo ludens, homo sapiens, homo faber, maker, reasoning, culture, mind, creativity, games, thought, spirit, fun




Homo Ludens, or man the Player is the species, Dutch historian Johan Huizinga, argues is as significant as Homo Faber (Man the Maker) and Homo Sapiens (The Reasonable Man).

Written in 1938, Huizinga’s book Homo Ludens discusses the importance of the play as an element and manifestation of culture, with, in and through which civilization unfolds. When it comes to language, Homo Ludens is “playing with the wondrous nominative faculty”

Take language, for instance – that first and supreme instrument which man shapes in order to communicate, to teach, to command. Language allows him to distinguish, to establish, to state things; in short, to name then and by naming them to raise them into the domain of the spirit. In the making of speech and language the spirit is continually “sparking” between matter and mind, as it were, playing with the wondrous nominative faculty. Behind every abstract expression there lie the boldest of metaphors, and every metaphor is a play upon words.

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