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Let our youngsters review your toys at no charge

1RoomPlayhouse provides independent, online toy reviews in the tradition of mixed-age 'one-room schoolhouse' in which kids best teach and learn from each other, benefitting other children, parents seeking desirable and playful toys, and toy makers who have everything to gain by making the world a more enjoyably playful place. Because the 'big companies' already have budget, market and heft, we are particularly interested in reviewing quality toys produced by other toy makers. Send us your toys; let us help you shine.

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  • Our toy reviews are made primarily by kids with appropriate guidance. Overall intent is positive, constructive, win-win.
  • Our grown-ups include an award-winning screenwriter, film director, author; a film producer; tech mavens; small business owners; parents.
  • Reviews are given at no-charge to toy makers, except for the cost of the toy(s) and shipping to us in Maryland USA.
  • Toy reviews may be previewed prior to publication with toy makers having final go/no-go option. Nixed reviews may be listed as such.
  • Toy makers are authorized to advertise our trademarked logo and slogon(s) and may freely link to our reviews and videos.